Astrology Offerings

The Cosmos are Alive with Intelligence and Gnosis

Venus Autograph

Our Venus Autograph is unique and personal and reveals what is typically hidden in
regular astrology readings.

Discovering your Venus Chakra-Star empowers us to align with our inner and outermost Feminine expression and what she came here to do now, at this awakening juncture in time.

Natal, Progressed & Solar Arc

Natal charts carry the blueprint of the soul. Understanding and working with our personal signatures and our soul’s evolutionary intention is a powerful tool for personal, psychological, emotional and spiritual growth.

Readings and reports available for
individuals, children, and relationships.

Create Astrological Mandala

Three AstroCoaching sessions to create your Astrological Mandala.

We will explore the innermost themes of your chart and life, wanting expression, and then draw and paint them into aliveness.