Venus Rising

Goddess Electric Pushes
Up through my feet
and births me Home.

Roots of my origin Pulsate
Crimson, orange and gold.

Transformed and

Rising from the Ashes
Comes forth Venus,
in her most

Virginal Earthy Self.

Blessed by the Harvest,
her sustenance Awakens Heaven.

Goddess of Compassion,
pours Sacred Wisdom Water
into my crown.

Embodied now,

in Deep Evolutionary Beauty,
my Soul is anointed in Heaven & Earth.

©️February 2002

Had powerful healing experience with Quan Yin, after grounding outside in the creek. Once home electrical impulses pushed up from underground–very Aquarian–bringing my soul to the surface, ready to serve on a grander scale. This led to finding the center of the oppositional nature of natal Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Venus for the first time in my life that day. And that same week, I began consciously communicating with animals.


Let’s make something beautiful together.