About Wendy

Wendy Groomes, a budding author, intuitive visionary and vessel of sacred wisdom, offers an integrative style of healing for people and pets.

Her work includes astrology, energetic and physical core development, intuitive bodywork, conscious movement and creative expression, energy medicine and communication with animals.

In the late 1980’s Wendy began a journey of complete and total surrender, which led her towards alternative and integrative methods to heal from numerous challenges (trauma, abuse, dysfunction, addictions, chronic pain).  

Massage therapy and bodywork, holistic psychotherapy, shamanism, metaphysics, twelve-step recovery, astrology, whole food nutrition, acupuncture, meditation, spiritual belly-dance, energy Pilates, homeopathy, herbs, flower essence therapy, crystal healing, New Thought Churches, The Course in Miracles, telepathic communication, cellular transformation and more became the gateway to her transformation and ultimately a career in personal growth, wellness and well-being.

Wendy is a natural intuitive healer and light channel. Her innate gifts from childhood, professional training and life experience combined bring wholeness in mind, body, spirit and soul to all her work.

Wendy’s eclectic mixture of offerings also includes the fostering of intuitive communication between humans, animals and the natural world.

For more information visit www.consciouspaws.com.

To schedule an Oracles of Venus appointment please contact her via email or by phone (301) 825-9833.

Wendy went to massage school in 1995, got a BA in Holistic Studies & Religion (2005-2010), and ultimately an MA in Health & Wellness Coaching, with speciality in Integrative Nutrition and Herbalism (2016/18).

She is a certified Qi Gong-Dance of the Phoenix teacher, Pilates instructor, and has certifications in Process Oriented BodyworkFlower Essence TherapyCanine Massage, and Astrology, as well as additional continuing education training in numerous other modalities.

Her love of the stars began in childhood, and her never-ending exploration of astrology began officially in 1990.  This led her to self-study for decades and then study Sacred Marriage Astrology (EA Paradigm) and the Venus Cycle (2006).  

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