Astro-Cosmology Mandala Workshop

Awaken Your Cosmic Signature

Awaken the sacred within…the time of choosing to align with the old ways, or the new revolutionary ones are upon us.


This workshop awakens your soul blueprint in full color!

Journey into a four-day, organic and creative process of astrological soul exploration, and discover the deepest and highest express of your soul’s signature.

Together with astrologer Wendy Groomes and another counseling astrologer+, we will create Astrological Mandalas, from our innermost and sacred soul expression.

By merging mandala art, conscious body movement and breath, body mapping, guided imagery, and astrological symbolism and language we will integrate and transform the most poignant (what is calling to us) areas of life.

Based on evolutionary astrology principles, as well as creative metaphor, students will learn the basics of the zodiac and their Pluto Polarity Point to assist with evolving the areas they have intimate appointments with, in this life.

This class is a bridge to join with our soul’s song. To awaken one’s unique pre-determined expression, to come forth at this exact time and space, here and now.

Through the creative process, with art, courage, beauty and compassion, we will honor and claim our intentional-destiny.

Class: Maximum to be announced  
Location: Possibly on-line

All participants must have Natal Chart session prior to class (or have had one previously and been working with it).

Drawing with Pencil (regular and watercolor)
Painting with Acrylic and Watercolor.
All supplies provided.

  • Explore the Art of Mandala Making
  • Conscious Movement & Breath
  • Guided Imagery
  • Body Mapping
  • Astrological Symbolism
  • Processing
  • Creation

Summer 2021
Registration information coming soon




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