Ancient Mary~Ancient Venus

Goddess Circle 5Goddess Circle-5
Spiritual Belly Dance Recital
December 2009 Goddess Circle
choreographed by Wendy Lynne Magdalena

During Goddess Day, June 2009, I was guided to choreograph a dance to be performed on a Pentagram, the Star of Venus, in dedication to Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Saturn and Venus.

Everything was to be white.  My costume, the Star…and I was asked to make a Shield and dance with a sword. 

Part of this correlated to a vision I had in 2006, when I was working with the Abraham material, choosing to live in the present moment, in empowered joy.

I saw myself in a circle around a pentagram.  We were all shrouded, male and female.  Everything was black.  I was guided to take the hood off and white light poured through and the circle and star became illuminated.

Further, to understand the depth of this guidance to dance, one would have to know the mystery of the feminine (my teacher most certainly does) and the Pisces/Virgo dynamic within my psyche.

It’s laid out most poignantly in my astrology chart, and it played out in my childhood home–all in preparation for my Soul to tap into the wound I carried forward for many lifetimes and the immense desire to bring complete healing forward in this life.

The wound was related to Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene…

The daily journey of prayer, mantra, and choreographing my dance, and practicing the dance, fostered healing and the willingness to

Full view w SwordI created the Star on a blanket with tape.  I felt drawn to Lorenna McKennit’s, The Mystic’s Dream for the music and a good friend lent me her Excalibur sword.  During this time Saturn was in opposition to my natal Saturn and conjunct natal Uranus Pluto Venus.

I practiced my dance for several months, and followed the recommended Goddess Circle-5 daily meditations, mantras, and active visualizations with Mother Mary for six months.

Astrological Mandala ClassWhile creating the pentagram, I was moved to complete the astrological mandala I began during a study of mandalas and Carl Jung several years before.  The central theme to the mandala is Saturn in Pisces (my PPP), which I now experience as Mother Mary (in prior years Quan Yin and Isis).  

Nothing has ever opened my connection to the Sacred Feminine more then performing in dedication to the Divine in the Sacred Belly Dance.  It was terrifying to dance in front of everyone, but so so healing.  I didn’t know it until the next day when I experienced the profound opening of the Earth, through to her very core.  The Star of Venus resides there.

eyes closed circleThe split between Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary within my soul is healed…the ultimate sacred marriage!

The last dancer was our teacher, Angel.  I cried while she danced–so beautiful!

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