Gemini Venus Star & Mary Magdalene

In 2004, Venus initiated her path, through the sky, in the sign of Gemini, following the pattern of the 5-pointed star.  This 8-year journey ended in December of 2012 as Venus moved into the sign of Aries?

chalicewellThe eight year cycle opened a portal of grace, which poured upon the earth, and if one was awakened to it, they received numerous blessings.  Venus is a feminine planet, symbolizing women, nourishment, fecundity, the Empress, the body, pleasure…meaning the Goddess energy was palpable, and sacred healing and expansion were readily available.

During this time I wrote a series of papers on the Mary archetype, specifically Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.  Mary is associated with the 5-pointed star…

I read all of Margaret Starbird’s books…and wrote extensively, and also received channeling of Mary’s message, as well as experienced lifetimes of healing related to the split within myself around the terrestrial and illuminated Mary.  see more here…

marydoveJune 6, 2016 Pope Francis venerated Mary Magdalene’s status to that of the disciples…four days after the Venus Star point moved into Gemini.

I Am an Evening Star

Venus Retrograde – I love you!

The blessings of Venus are profound, especially when we allow ourselves to receive her grace via the light shed during her retro motion and especially throughout an 8-year Venus Cycle.

Over the years I have spent hours-upon-hours literally studying Venus and exploring Venus through direct energetic imprints, leading me to deepen in devotion to the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Feminine and the Goddess archetypes.


This morning as I prepare a document about the Venus Star point, based in Arielle Guttman’s book, Venus Star Rising, I am guided to go deeper in my understanding of the Venus Morning Star and Evening Star–specifically how one can decipher between the two in a natal chart.

The determining factor is whether Venus is in front of the Sun before elongation or rising after the Sun.  The morning star SHOOTS RAPIDLY to elongation and descends SLOWLY, while the evening star SLOWLY ASCENDS and then QUICKLY descends.

Venus can only be 47 degrees apart from the Sun, in the sign before or after or anything in-between.  When Venus is in the sign prior to the Sun, it is closer to the beginning stages of the morning star elongation (inferior conjunction-wild, impulsive actions and errors).  As the morning star approaches the Sun, in the same sign as the Sun, she slows down.  If Venus is in the sign following the Sun, she is an evening star, moving towards the descent phase of the underworld (1-15 degrees).  With the later degrees she is striving to integrate the 1st three chakras and make her way to the Queen phase (heart chakra) and into the upper chakras towards the superior conjunction.  These folks are deep thinkers, driven to grapple with morality.

I plan to post the ASCENDING/DESCENDING chart and post it.  I took a class on this years ago.

Knowing whether you are an evening star Venus or morning star Venus helps us understand where along the journey we are, and thus sheds light on our personal journey’s of acceptance, peace, and empowerment specifically related to relationships (inner and outer), what we value, our self-worth and money…

My Venus is 18 Virgo with Sun 17 in Leo.  I am definitely an evening star Venus.

Are you a Morning star or Evening star?

Here’s Short article about Venus from Universe Today

Mama Bear Care Week

Photography Marina Cano bear

This is a good week to bask ourselves in some Mama Bear care energy. Mars and Mercury are in Cancer opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus, along with the New Moon/Sun in Cancer building for Wednesday. With all the Cancer energy we need to tend our emotional natures, and create a womb like space within to nurture an inner sense of security.

Mental and emotional power struggles are quite possible with ourselves and/or others, especially if we are not feeling nurtured and protected (hence Mama Bear). If this is the case, drop back into a resting place, as needed, and explore tapping into your emotional body or spending time with Earth–the ultimate Mama. Even meditating, being quite for five minutes begins the process of tuning into the emotions.  Spending time near water and walking in nature, both clear the emotional body.
Family time may be good way to nurture, or there may be family themes that need processing emotionally.
The other big energetic pull we are experiencing now is Saturn squaring Venus. This is heavy energy. It slows things down, makes us want to sleep more, brings up fear/limitation about money, relationships…or some kind of lack, when we honor our inner wisdom and power (ability to listen to intuition/emotional body guidance) and claim our inner Light and Embrace what is in front of us to do, i.e., reach for evolution within our lives, we are lifted out of the tightness/pressure of the Saturn/Venus and help ourselves and each other transform the planetary calling for LOVE.
The consensus default is to absorb the toxicity of the collective insanity and feel inept, defeated, and why bother mentality…the hum drum of the 3rd dimension. A spark of hope, a flicker of light in the HEART, MIND and SOUL is enough to remind us we are on course, on a trajectory of 5th dimension reality (co-creators with the Universe). We are babes who are just crossing the threshold into the Aquarian Age. Remember–reaching for the LOVE polarity, remembering who you really are provides enough fuel to bridge from the 3rd dimension into multi-dimensional awareness, beauty, and aliveness.  Jupiter and Venus are still in positive aspect, fueling the heart chakra full-steam ahead.
We are here together for a reason. It’s not a mistake.❤

Pluto Medicine

pluto-glyph11This past Mercury retrograde was quite challenging for me.  Usually I’d be focused on writing or something internal while Hermes retreats, but I moved my home so the solace that comes with honoring what the God of lightening speed wants during retrograde phase didn’t feed me as it could have.

Instead it activated my mutable grand cross and my IC/MC.  Prior to moving I was working on this blog site, feeling Venus’ pull to connect with my creativity and what I value.  Once I signed the lease and the move started, all focus turned towards managing new space and any retro themes that occurred (all and all it went well).

Home is quite important for me.  I’ve been living in other peoples homes for the last eight years and my belongings have been in storage, aside from what I gave away during that time.  Pluto transiting in Capricorn shifted my personal and collective experience, along with choices related to what still needed addressing (Venus issues), which are directly related to the Plutonian process for me.

With a mutable planetary combination like mine, the Pluto/Saturn is either internalized in a good way or a bad way.  I’m either devoted and embodied in Spirit or I’m in analysis paralysis, which is another way of saying I’m obsessing about what isn’t right (Virgo 4th house planets opposing Saturn rx) or what society or others are thinking about me.  Can we say PROJECTION!

charliebrownhappyThankfully, today I was able to observe my thoughts and the persistent free-floating anxiety that’s been by my side since I moved in.  “What if…what if I don’t have enough money for the rent? What if I never move forward with my writing.  I really need a regular job.  How come everyone else seems to move forward and I don’t…on and on.”

With observation it was clear I was in the lack part of Pluto.

In Evolutionary Astrology, Pluto has a paradigm.  The paradigm asks that first we determine what is the lack that Pluto brings into this life via house placement, sign and aspects?  Then we look at the desires Pluto wants to fulfill, and then we look to Pluto Polarity Point–the degree exactly opposite natal Pluto, before going on to the Nodes.

The lack for a 4th house Pluto is SECURITY! not feeling secure emotionally.  When we don’t feel secure emotionally, we look outside ourselves for that security.  With Venus conjunct my Pluto, ATTACHMENT is also a theme and I used to look for it quite unconsciously in relationships.  Once I worked on that extensively other issues surfaced that needed to be addressed (family patterns, healing, and Saturn-10th house applying to SN).

In observation, I was able to see why the anxiety was persistent, I was desperately seeking SECURITY from outside myself (job, money, home, belongings) and at the same time having mixed feelings about all my belongings. “Why do I have all this stuff?  Why don’t I sell it all.  There’s so much waste on the planet, I don’t want to contribute to it further (electric bill, gas bill, trash, high rent…).”

In 12-step recovery there’s a phrase, ‘fear of losing everything you have…’ Once I had the awareness of what I was doing, the anxiety lifted and I saw Pluto and became grounded.  To embody our Pluto and turn it into medicine takes willingness to see the truth.  Pluto, the deep truth of Pluto, wants to strip us down to the core.  First we have to dance with Pluto.  This usually means we’re going to go through a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience, or lots of them if you’re like me.

Unless we address our deep issues (Saturn retro in Scorpio for final pass now), we are just skimming the surface and riding on the elitist layer of Uranus’ vibe.  To actualize true liberation, freedom, and the harnessing of the higher mind (all these are Aquarian themes connected to Uranus) and enlightenment, we have to have done the deep purging of our natal Pluto themes (Fernandez).  Otherwise we are dissociated, too detached from our responsibility to Natural Law (Nature & Earth), our soul karma, our soul dharma (soul purpose) and being a conduit for true change to take place.

SaturnScorpioRockPluto stuff isn’t fun, that’s why many people don’t deal with it.  But there is great light that comes forward in our quest to wholeness, and many like-minded souls to accompany us on our journeys, along with countless healers, therapists, body-workers to guide us.

Most of all there is the core essence of Pluto within each of us, and the calling of the Pluto Polarity Point–what a relief.  We don’t have to stay stuff in the lack of Pluto or the endless desires it has.

When we merge with the PPP, we are home.  We may be tempted to get there via spiritual-bypass, but that doesn’t work.  Being grounded in our core and lengthening consciously to the PPP is a better route.  Then we take all of us–body mind heart and soul–and merge with Spirit (Pisces).

Part 2 coming

Venus in Detriment or Venus Empowered?

Venus in Detriment.  It sounds awful, doesn’t it?

Generally speaking, Venus supplies sustenance. Fullness, warmth, pleasure.  Her sign and placement reflect our values, how we relate to ourselves (body, appetites, inner security) and others.

Sacred Feminine

If one’s Venus is well placed, no hard angels or intense partnerships with other planetary bodies finances and  relationships tend to come easily when Venus’ sign, house and general disposition is positive, healthy.

Then there are those of us with harsh (what traditional astrology refers to as planets in detriment) Venus placements.  This could be the sign or house Venus is in, but mostly definitely when the aspect or angle it makes to other planets is challenged.

Take my Venus for instance.  It is aspected by four outer-planets, one major asteroid, the nodes, and two personal planets.  Six of those aspects are extreme and difficult.  The other two are considered helpful.

Well what the heck is a girl to do?

Panic. Grieve. No I got it! Depression–that’s the ticket!
Okay seriously.  When I first began studying astrology and my chart, I was completely disheartened and yes, depressed. Traditional astrology marked and maimed by chart, to the death. Coming out of  fifteen years of depression, a suicide attempt, and a world that lacked boundaries and nourishment in the development of my Venusian gifts (think Virgo), the traditional analysis was not helpful.

So why was I even considering astrology?

I was a daily horoscope reader in childhood.  I was drawn to ritual, symbol, taboo, mystery, a believer in the afterlife and past lives and a friend gave me a copy of The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need. With a quick, analytical mind and a desire to understand how my inner-self operates from deeper perspectives I was intrigued.

Cardinal Grand Cross

Astrology touches into all of those aspects and provides a framework, an evolving one, that fit my soul’s learning style.

Traditional astrology said I had difficulty with money (Jupiter square Venus) and appetites (they were too large).

obsessedfood Jupiter Venus
Difficulty with love–as in obsession, possessive, psychologically intense (Pluto conjunct Venus).

At the same time I want freedom.  To be independent (Uranus conjunct Venus).

UranusVenus WonderWoman

No conflict there!

Further it seems my self-esteem is totally shot (Saturn oppose Venus).  And relationships will be wounding–extremely painful (Chiron opposing Venus). My saving grace–somewhere in my life I felt loved (Moon trine Venus), and had a dreamy spiritual side that fed me (Neptune sextile Venus).  Then there’s the nodal square–we’ll get back to that.

Now that’s just the aspects.  We haven’t even discussed the sign and house placement of Venus (as if the aspects weren’t enough). librarian

Venus in Virgo. Uh-oh!

Now that’s a dry energy.  Virgo that is (in a traditional sense).

Virgo wants to analyze.  Decipher.  Determine.  Why? So she can improve–herself and processes–to make things work better, more functionally, precisely, adequately.

Virgo comes after Leo, the grand Lion, shining in all his limelight.  Evolutionarily Virgo cuts the grandiosity down to right size (that’s why it comes after Leo).

Virgo is an Earth sign–she’s practical, modest, humble. And smart to boot!

The misnomer though about Virgo is she’s all wound up.  Tight, constricted (well there is that).

But if we infuse Virgo with her ancient feminine rulership–she is sexy, deep…she carries an innocence like Persephone–the Virgin of the Earth, and has sacred connection to the Divine Feminine (Mary, Isis, Demeter). Virgo, along with Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, are some of the sexiest energies out there.

According to my astrological makeup–all the Venus aspects in my chart–this photo below begins to tell the story of my Venus.

“Nympho Librarian” by Les Tucker (Jake
Moskovitz) New York: Bee-Line Press, [1970] Cover by Paul Rader

Okay I think those images covers the essentials of my Venus.

LOL! Well that’s all according to allopathic astrology.  

The reason I’m even writing this post is to shed light on how difficult it can be for a person, even a person who understands astrological language, psychological depth…with all these Venusian components to integrate and truly comprehend what this planet is asking for. It’s not about the definitions of all the components, it’s what do they mean as a whole and how does a soul move into full acceptance and responsibility for the signature, without a sense of damnation or judgment from others (you wouldn’t believe what some astrologers have said to me about my chart!).

Since this post is so long, I’m going to create Part 1 and Part 2.  This is the end of Part 1.


isisorangewingsJuly marks the new year for the ancient Egyptians. Although different sources quote slightly different dates as the exact New Year’s Day, almost all agree it falls in the month of July which coincides with the annual flooding of the Nile and the heliacal (dawn) rising of the great star Sirius, the energy portal to the Milky Way Galaxy. In some literature, July 17th marks the birthday of Isis – queen of ancient Egypt, great teacher from Sirius and archetypal representation of the Divine Goddess.

Of Egyptian lineage, the deity Isis is often associated with healing, alchemy and the lunar energy. She represents the female principle of nature: receptivity, creative force, nurturing, gentleness. She is also known as the Goddess of 10,000 names as it is believed that all goddesses are an aspect of Isis, the Divine Mother. A master in spiritual science, Isis’ healing works like magic. She lovingly supports all her initiates on becoming great healers themselves.

granduniverse1.jpgIsis originates from the star system known as Sirius, the brightest star visible from the earth’s sky. Also the energy portal to our galaxy, Sirius is a much evolved consciousness currently of the 6th dimensional plane. The Sirians, our brothers and sisters of higher evolution, have long been monitoring and supporting the human evolution since the Great Experiment – the seeding of the human race. As we get ready to transit to the next envelope of light which also marks the end of the Mayan calendar, the Sirian High Council and the Galactic Councils of Light are earnestly guiding us through this rebirth of the human consciousness and light body. It would be a wonderful blessing to receive an attunement from the Sirian Star Beings as an ascension gift.

Upcoming~Week of July 15th

Mars the planet of action, vitality, anger, and war has been in Virgo for 8 months, and is soon completing its time in the sign of health, discrimination, and introspection.  On July 4th, Mars ingresses into the sign of Libra–the sign of extremes and the need for equilibrium and balance to manage both ends of the spectrum.

By the end of the week, July 13th, Mars will be at 5 degrees Libra as it begins to oppose Uranus, the planet of liberation, freedom, and many times traumatic surprises, while it also squares Pluto, the turbo planet of upheaval, so to eliminate what is unnecessary.

By the 15th those three planets will be in an exact T-square (hard angles).  These planets are known as malefic’s in ancient astrology and can bring forth harmful, crazy making energy, especially if we walk around unconscious of the timing of their influence.  Consciously, the influence of planets can be worked with in a positive way, but due to the level of unconscious fears and ego patterns that operate via acceptable behaviors, as well as the many addictions humans have, many fall prey to the influence of entity attachments, fear soul patterns of self-doubt…

That said, this time coming up is RE-ACTIVE ENERGY.  Mars and Uranus are squaring Pluto in Capricorn, an earth sign, so be prepared for strange weather patterns, earth changes, human reactions and actions that may be dangerous.  Thus, this is another good time TO LAY LOW, pray, meditate, be as MINDFUL AS POSSIBLE.

Throughout the majority of June, Uranus and Pluto have been in an exact square.  Mars coming along, to join the collective planetary party, amps up the volume.


High Noon Casts the Biggest Shadows

Hi All.  I just listened to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Radio Show.

She talks about it being HIGH NOON on the planet, about ‘men in power’, alcohol and drug addiction, the dog star Sirius and its connection to Earth, Sirius’ connection to working with Venus, the five-pointed star, and Isis.

Plus she asks us to meditate with the loving energy of Sirius, to be channels of love and light to address the ‘darkest shadows’ that are cast at high noon.


Can You Feel It?

The still point of VENUS preparing to occult the Sun?  I definitely feel it!  The energy is very still today–two power eclipses in a row, while Venus is retrograde–AMAZING, truly amazing.

Last night we wove our way into energetically dancing with Venus, and we are imbued with her.

I wanted to share some meditation music with you all, to enhance your experience of Venus’ transit, but seem unable to here on Word Press.

Sending blessings of love and grace to you all.

Five-Pointed Star Venus Dance

In dedication to Venus and her culminating journey tomorrow, I post these photos from my Ancient Mary-Ancient Venus dance in 2009, performed on a white five-pointed star with white rose petals, an Excalibur sword amongst the backdrop of Angel’s painting of Mary, our altar to Mary and my natal astrological mandala, imbued with Mary, Saturn and Venus.