Venus Oracles

Venus Oracles is dedicated to The Divine Mother–Holy Mary, Isis, Demeter, the Terrestrial Mary Magdalene and all women on planet Earth, Nature and all that Venus embodyies–esoterically, energetically, archetypally and spiritually.


Specifically Venus Oracles is dedicated to the reclamation and renewal of the authentic and inherent mystery and teachings that have poured forth from Venus and Mary during the Venus 2004-2012 transit, what is provided me personally and what the feminine principle was teaching at this time.

What is here written comes from personal communication, downloaded or channeled visions from Mary and Venus during the 2004-2012 Venus Cycle, as well as during the Venus retrograde cycle in August 2015 in Virgo, which was initiated conjunct the Star Regulus.

These experiences touched into my own relative and ancient past, which assisted in reclaiming and restoring the healing power of Virgo, Venus’ cycles, and of the Pentagram.

I am guided to share them now as a voice and vessel for the inherent nature of the pentacle and the archetype of Virgo (both which two thousand years of patriarchy maimed and misconstrued, convoluted) and to free the Earth’s healing power and potential by removing the cloak (and terror) placed in the collective unconscious (the minds of men and women) that have separated us from living with Nature, in honor of Natural Law and the hearts of each other.

All that is shared is meant to facilitate healing on the personal and collective level.

Energetic Awareness
As we awaken energetically we experience connection with our own energy fields and thus the energy fields of all living things.

Astrologically, for a woman, the planet Venus represents who she is.  How she operates (internally and externally).  What she values.  What she desires and needs in relationship to herself first (if we are talking about Venus reflecting the Taurus nature), and how she goes about building those resources in support of those needs.  Relative to Libra, Venus reflects our relationships with others and how we dance in that arena.

Venus Oracles comes out of my own journey dancing with Venus, which has been complicated at times, yet profound, blissful, transformative, and healing.

Throughout, I share my own deep psychological, energetic, soul-oriented journey of retrieving and harnessing the Venus function.  These offerings are meant as a haven and an invitation to others who may have challenging Venusian themes and are called to journey in the underworld to Reclaim their Venus.

We, as a collective body must embrace our true-North, to ride the quickening of evolution and merge with Nature, rather than control her, due to a culture in desperate need to integrate the feminine principle.

My writing is laced with ancient archetypal language, spiritual context, pain, joy, healing and channeling of the Divine Feminine (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Venus and other planetary bodies, i.e., Pluto, Saturn), all via the voice of the higher-integrated Self, the Spirit within and Soul reaching for evolution, and at the very least the pure process of the creative reclamation that one Soul danced with using the arts to express, heal, and merge into wholeness.

For centuries the sacred feminine, the impregnated virgin, survived underground, split off from the collective mind and soul, due to patriarchal conditioning.  Now, as we move forward in the early stages of the twenty-first century, the Goddess Matriarch is awakened in hundreds of thousands of women and men.

The wisdom of what I call the Sacred Feminine (all things feminine) and our resistance against Surrender, and to the Mystery of the Goddess are woven throughout.

Our writings speak directly to the current times with a message for the collective.  As we individually and collectively walk out of the shadow, through fears, illusions, betrayals, and self-sabotage and embrace the pool of aliveness–the call of wholeness, and merge with the Goddess within, a collective Soul Renaissance emerges.

Living here in the midst of a 3D world that lives in separation consciousness, we find balm for Soul and long-time suffereing.  Integration and opening are the key.

Venus Oracles births out of passionate experiential relationship with the Sacred Feminie, the Divine Mother and the healing I sought, which led to merging the split I carried in my Soul.

Personal integration of the celestial and terrestrial feminine principles offers the soul conscious means to transform and transmute that which is stagnant, out-dated, and lost within, blocking readiness for evolution.  With release of the old (we are talking in terms of energy here–the emotional, mental, spiritual bodies) we become embodied with grace, intuition, authenticity, and wholeness.




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