Evolving into the 21st Century

As a collective (unconscious), we are experiencing inner and outer conflict and anxiety, due to global economic instability, earth changes on the rise, political-unrest, and extremes of all kinds.  It feels like we are in a pressure cooker, and we are, especially if we are not grounded in emotional and energetic intelligence linking us to the highest expression of love.

The old paradigms are rubbing up against the evolutionary impulse to merge Science and Spirit, evolve gender roles and live in harmony with Nature rather than against it.  At this junction, more and more souls are awakening and realize that living from a linear, myopic third-dimensional lens as our primary guide to living on Earth is completely insane.

However we define this time, one thing is clear, we are in a transformational crisis, on the verge of a deep and total makeover.  We are hitting bottom–in the face of our audacity to live without respect for the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

There is no way around it.  Addicted to empty-materialism, abuse of petroleum, and the me-me-me syndrome, we are out of touch with the element of Earth on many levels.

Hitting bottom calls for nothing less than than a complete and total surrender to a new way of life.  Ask any addict recovering from a serious drug addiction.  Creating a new way of life can be tough, and many times things get worse before they get better.  At least when one hits bottom–surrenders to a higher power–and begins to take action steps to recover, everything tends goes up from there.

The dysfunctional marriage between Big Money, Big Pharma and the American Government continues to kick the can down the road, practicing avoidance of the low bottom.  While corporate global dominance prevails, the underground collective shadow (our rage, grief, pain, loss, trauma) beckons us towards a train wreck OR recovery, restoration, and renaissance.

On a global scale, the management of our resources and our ability to transition dependence from fossil fuels to clean energy is vital.

On a personal level, the management of our subtle energy and our ability to harness our individual and collective humility, surrender and soul power and channel it appropriately is imperative to ease our transition through the coming times.

As we move forward into the exact planetary squares between Uranus and Pluto (2012-2015–already happened, but we will be working with this dynamic for years to come) souls sitting on the sidelines will be propelled to wake-up.  Since Saturn’s transit thru the sign Virgo, 2008-2010, and its then opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto, our world has changed, there is no denying it. Change is inevitable, so why not be on the forefront of it, rather than be dragged down by it.

cosmicplutoEach of us, a microcosm of the macrocosm, contributes to the paradigms present in our world, through the choices we make and the thoughts and beliefs we carry.  Now, as we meet ourselves face-to-face we are asked to redefine our personal and collective habits, to make truly mindful mental, emotional, spiritual and physical changes, not just for ourselves and our families, but for our global Earth family.

Our ability to be embodied, present, grounded and consciously aligned with intuitive presence is essential if we want to bridge heaven and earth, and be a channel of healing medicine for ourselves and the collective.

These transits mentioned above, along with other planetary influences have enough energetic fuel to send us to the moon and back. 

 A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. ~Ghandi

We are only in the beginning stages of the Aquarian Age.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of liberation, rebellion, reformation, radical change, ingenuity, and breakthroughs, and Uranus is rocking our world right now (in combination with Pluto….eclipses….every time the Moon transits the UP square).  Aquarius also rules trauma, the elite, dissociation, one race mentality (White Supremacy).

So it’s important to be awake to the accelerated energy, similar to what fueled the 1960’s, which is literally marking the evolution of our species.

If we are putting all of our power into who becomes the next president, we are giving our power away.  I’m not suggesting not to vote.  What I am suggesting is make a vote for your soul, and empower it by taking a look inside, and embracing why you came here, to this planet, at this time.

What is your soul’s purpose, are you living it?

When we don’t choose consciously–when we avoid our souls and the intelligence of the soul’s evolutionary impulse–outer forces choose for us. This language could be interpreted as threatening or too woo-woo to a dis-empowered culture misguided, striped of its own sacredness, not yet partnered with the wisdom of mature integrated relationship and right livelihood to the Earth and all her kin, or, it could be interpreted as an invitation to come forward in full embodied soul presence ready to engage in a new world, leaving the old dissociative-distorted patterns and paradigms behind.

The karmic wheel turns and we advance.  To understand where we are headed, let’s look back to the significant transit of Pluto crossing the Galactic Center Point, December of 2006.

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